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Lord Howe beach house design

Bowker Beach House Lord Howe Island
Design at Bowker Beach House Design at Bowker Beach House Design at Bowker Beach House Design at Bowker Beach House Design at Bowker Beach House Design at Bowker Beach House Design at Bowker Beach House Bowker Beach House, Lord Howe Island Design at Bowker Beach House

Designer furniture has been carefully selected to add to our laid-back, stylish yet comfy, island vibe.

Beach House Design

Here's a few of our designer feature pieces:

Manutti Swing Lounger - luxurious European design, fully padded in a funky summer stripe, with totally adjustable backrest. Matched with a recycled teak table from the Mamagreen Industrial range, and heavenly situated in a sunny glade amongst the native forest. Luxembourg rocking chair and stool/footrest- a standout piece from Cotswold Furniture's Fermob range. Fabulous green! Works really well with the Mamagreen recycled patchwork stool. Also featured on the main courtyard is a Mamagreen recycled teak dining setting; along with the built in bench seat there's plenty of great relaxing options after a demanding day in paradise... In the lounge room King Furniture's Plaza lounge is perfect to curl up on; with a book, a movie or even a snuggle- you'll be right at home. The AJ model floor lamp is a classic Danish design, and the same era features in the bedroom. Who can resist the timeless appeal of vintage Danish design, perfectly showcased here with Niels Moller's iconic #71 chair, and #63 bench, both featuring his famous paper cord weaving. The beautifully hand- crafted king-size bed is made from recycled oregon, and was built by local furniture makers Shane Deacon and Tia Makiiti. The signature funky resin of the very fabulous Dinosaur Designs provides a bright orange pop of colour with the Earth Bowl, and also the organic Beetle Bowl and Liquid Vase both in the beachy Seaweed Malachite. Another distinctive decorative piece is from the MET Museum of Art; a hand-patinated bronze statue of a very appealing parrot!

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